GerberLogix 3.5

Views multiple types of files without opening them

Access the contents of archives, audio and video clips, images and other types of files without opening them in dedicated applications by viewing the content via the special utility working with ZIP, RAR, TIFF, JPG, PNG, BMP, Excellon1, Excellon2 and other formats.

GerberLogix is a free and easy to use image files viewer.
- Input of files with auto recognition of file type
(extended Gerber / Excellon1, Excellon2 ).
- Direct input of compressed Zip files.
- High resolution picture export (TIFF, JPG, PNG, BMP).
- Integrated screenshot function.
- Three draw modes included (Filled, Outline, Both).
- Size info drawn directly into all features.
- Pictures can be imported and displayed behind the real CAD data.
- Multiple selection possibilities including transparent drawing.
- Selection of a net.
- Layers/Objects can be moved, rotated and mirrored.
- Layers with different offsets can be aligned automatically.
- Special color setup for layer color definition.

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